The Ultimate Guide to Underbody Protection

Most factory 4WDs have basic underbody protection. If you’re planning on doing any serious off-roading, then it’s strongly advised that you upgrade your underbody guards. Simply driving over a rock or a stump has the potential to puncture your fuel tank or gearbox. To avoid expensive repairs, the practical option is to invest in adequate […]

Top Camping Safety Tips

Camping Tips

Safe Camping There’s no doubt that camping is an affordable, enjoyable, and relaxing hobby for many Australians. With picturesque camping spots scattered all throughout the country, camping is an excellent way for us to reconnect with nature in today’s digital age. It’s important to remember that camping has a number of inherent dangers and we […]

6 Tips for Camping this Summer

Summer holidays is the perfect time for camping. Being outdoors on a hot summer’s day next to the beach or lake is absolutely glorious! While the longer days are ideal for family barbeques and beach cricket, we all need to be careful with the heat. If not managed properly, you’ll be waking up at 6:30am […]

How to Safely Tackle Water Crossings

Even for experienced 4WD enthusiasts, 4×4 water crossings is never an easy task. Some 4WD tracks, particularly in northern Australia, require you to cross many rivers and each one takes a decent amount of time. Proper planning and preparation needs to be undertaken before crossing any water with your 4WD to ensure you and your […]

4×4 Buying Guide – Choosing the Right Bull Bar

Toyota Prado 150 Lovells GVM Upgrade

Choosing a bull bar that fits the purpose and design of your 4WD is no longer a straightforward decision. In years gone by, the whole process was much simpler – look at the four or five bull bars that actually fit your 4WD and choose the one that looked and fit the best. But with […]

Choosing the Right Side Steps for your 4WD


For avid 4WD enthusiasts who enjoy having high ground clearance for off-roading, installing side steps on your vehicle is a necessity. Without some assistance in getting in your 4WD, you can easily trip or fall and find yourself in a lot of pain! I see so many 4WD’s these days with aftermarket suspension that buying […]

A Guide to Portable Generators

While the trend for solar powered camping sources is a fantastic idea, they’re not always effective as they rely on sunlight to recharge its batteries. When camping in remote locations, you must be sure that all your equipment is functional and working and this includes your power source. Thick clouds, leaf canopies, and other adverse […]

4WD Buyers Guide

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Regardless if you’ve owned a 4WD before, buying a new rig is always an exciting time. Whether you want a 4WD for off-roading, the additional safety features, towing capacity, or you just want to fit more people in your vehicle, 4WD’s have a plethora of advantages over 2WD’s. With so many 4WD’s on the market […]

What to look for in the perfect rooftop tent for your 4×4

I’ve camped in a wide variety of setups in my life and my camping style has naturally evolved from the bare minimum to quite an elaborate set up these days. From sleeping in a hammock tent in my younger years with an esky and dry food, to buying my first camper trailer, until recently where […]

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Own a 4×4

Being the 4th largest continent on Earth, Australia is a magical place filled the entire spectrum of beauty; from pristine beaches, to tropical rainforests and barren deserts. I’ve traveled to many countries in the past and while they’re all unique, there’s really no place like home. Australia has an enormous amount of soul-nourishing goodness on […]