The FAA establishes legally required safety rules for all charter operators and pilots in the United States, covering issues ranging from pilot qualification to aircraft maintenance requirements. Voluntary audit schemes (e.g. ARGUS, Wyvern, IS-BAO) that certify additional levels of safety are also available and are adopted by many charter operators – their rating emblems are prominently displayed on charter companies` websites. Minimum flight time requirements for ARGUS and FAA pilots (ICPs) and second in command (SICs): If you have any questions about The Wingman Standard, please contact us at When you travel with us, you know your safety is in good hands. We also offer a range of aircraft of different sizes to meet your exact needs. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, our services prioritize your comfort and privacy, as well as your safety. Enjoy the unparalleled Latitude 33 Aviation experience – contact us to request a quote today. In addition to the color-coded status, the CHEQ report also includes information about the broker, flight summary, operator, ARGUS rating, pilot, second in command and all important aircraft information. To obtain green status, the flight must meet the following requirements. Suppliers must verify the crew and aircraft qualification prior to each customer flight and provide them with a copy of the report.

ARGUS and Wyvern will provide these reports to their undersigned charter companies; Third-party databases and public databases contain similar information. Find out the details of the information you receive and how to handle issues such as lack of crew time. If you are travelling abroad to conflict zones, find out about the risk analysis services used by the supplier. While the FAA sets safety standards for all commercial and private charter companies, a handful of safety specialists and trade groups have set higher voluntary criteria for things like flight crew experience. aircraft maintenance procedures; and ground operations. These organizations offer security certifications, which are awarded after an audit – a “third-party security audit” – which ensures that the applicant company meets the requirements of the accreditation group. ARGUS (Aviation Research Group United States) and Wyvern are the two largest US accounting firms. In Europe and other parts of the world, the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO), established by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), is the primary safety assessment. Private jet chartering conjures up images of exotic destinations and effortless luxury travel, successful business missions and family reunions – and rightly so. All this is possible thanks to the safety foundation of business aviation, which ensures that passengers can enjoy all their trips with peace of mind. Safety standards are imposed by strict regulations: no aircraft or crew members can be sent and no operator can provide charter service without meeting the safety requirements of the FAA in the United States, EASA in Europe or other responsible air carriers.

The highest ARGUS rating level is platinum. To achieve a Platinum rating, the operator must meet all Gold Plus standards and have a functioning emergency plan and safety management system. The emergency plan must be clear and easy to follow, and the safety management system must be well developed. Companies registered with Wyvern must provide Wyvern with relevant and up-to-date records of aircraft, flight crews and operations. Wyvern approval costs only a fraction of an ARGUS audit and serves as an entry-level security assessment for many operators. Prior to a flight, a Wyvern approved operator may prepare a passport report, although their data is not subject to the constant verification that ARGUS carries out in the records of its operators. Prior to a flight, an ARGUS certified operator or ARGUS member broker can complete a TripCHEQ, a trademark report that allows a person or broker to ensure that the crew, aircraft and travel are up to standard. Verifying travel compliance can be critical, as not all operators have FAA approval to fly to every location in the world. In addition, many light jet operators may not be allowed to fly in Mexico or parts of the Caribbean.

Registered operators can be seen by thousands of users (brokers, companies and other air charter operators) who are looking for partnerships to meet their air charter needs. The standards met by suppliers are important indicators of their commitment to safety. Many charter professionals consider a recognized voluntary audit program certification to be a requirement for any vendor they work with. Although Paramount Business Jets is more of a charter broker than an operator, we have implemented a safety standard similar to the ARGUS Gold minimum rating standard, which means we need an ARGUS Gold rating or similar for every operator we work with. Based on previous information and detailed analyses, ARGUS prepares safety assessments. Once ARGUS has collected all the necessary data, the due diligence company uses a proprietary algorithm for scoring. The ARGUS rating system shows performance compared to competitors. ARGUS compares history and safety data with peers in an aggregated group. The ratings have three levels – Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum – with additional standards for each. Some may not be eligible for one of the three exams. Authorized WYVERN brokers may grant their clients access to WYVERN Wingman flights. They can send PASS reports to their customers as proof of an operator`s commitment to safety and provide data on aircraft operators.

WYVERN frequently updates its Wingman standards. Certification is an ongoing process. Operators who achieve Wingman status have access to WYVERN safety data and the Aviation Compliance Improvement System. As part of our commitment to providing the safest service in the industry, we employ our own flight safety manager. We are one of the few charter brokers to employ such a specialist; Only a small percentage of operators have such a dedicated position. Our internal flight safety officer is responsible for all Paramount safety protocols and audits for each trip, including ensuring crew members have enough rest between flight hours to do their best. With our state-of-the-art security screening protocols, we check the operator, aircraft and crew before each flight. Our detailed air travel reports cover everything from accidents, incidents and violations to operating and insurance certificates, pilot certifications and safety clearances to ensure they all meet our rigorous standards. WYVERN registered operators retain regulatory compliance information relating to their organization, aircraft and pilots in ACES, which is made available to WYVERN members for review when selecting air charter services. In addition to the standards for the pilot and co-pilot, the aircraft itself must be under the operational control of a certified operator, without damage or maintenance issues, and qualified insurance. A charter airline`s safety culture – a set of shared values, attitudes, policies and practices – is the true measure of its commitment to safety. This is reflected in internal procedures, review processes, training and much more.

While this is sometimes difficult to define, every rep should be able to talk to you about their company culture, as every team member should be part of the process. Determining who has overall responsibility for safety and what internal systems are in place to collect and validate aircraft and crew qualifications helps to paint a picture of safety culture. WYVERN is another independent company that provides assessments and certifications. The company creates and updates security criteria and conducts regular audits. It also provides security intelligence data, executive training and software solutions. Through WYVERN, charter operators and brokers can obtain certification. Not all WYVERN registered operators have Wingman certification, which includes adherence to much stricter standards. To obtain WYVERN Wingman operator status, the following are required: Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked with * CHEQ reports indicate a red, yellow or green status with the following meaning: Make sure they are legal and safe. Say goodbye to the risk of illegal chartering and embrace safety transparency by creating a Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) report on other operators.