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XGS Suspension

Superior Performance On and Off The Road

Whether you install only shock absorbers, springs or a complete TJM XGS suspension kit you are sure to notice an immediate improvement in the vehicle’s ride, handling, towing & load carrying qualities. That’s why TJM XGS suspension is the wise choice for the four wheel driver or light commercial vehicle user who values optimum performance on and off road.

A TJM XGS Suspension Kit is the Answer

4WD’s have factory-engineered suspension but it’s usually only enough to accommodate a boot load of gear and general road driving or limited off-road driving. Given the importance of suspension, it’s surprising how frequently people place priority on installing bull bars, roof racks and other 4WD accessories without even considering their suspension needs.

The SERIES 4000 4X4 Shock Absorbers

The Series 4000 feature the most advanced piston configuration of any available shock absorber. This with along with a host of other features & a 3 year, 100,000km warranty makes the XGS Series 4000 the right choice for any 4×4.

TJM XGS Leaf Springs

The XGS leaf springs provide a significant improvement to your vehicle’s load carrying ability, towing safety, ride comfort and directional stability.

The quality leaf springs use high grade spring steel and are available for today’s four wheel drive and tradesman vehicles. Off road, the improved flexibility of the leaf springs result in better traction from increased wheel travel and ground clearance.

Cutting edge design and manufacturing techniques produce a smooth riding spring. For most vehicles, the leaf springs are available in either medium or heavy duty load carrying capacities and for certain applications, TJM XGS suspension also provides a commercial range of leaf springs.

Progressive Coil Springs

 Progressive rate coils provide a smooth and comfortable ride when the vehicle is unladen, and improved stability and load carrying ability when the vehicle is loaded. Designed to increase the spring rate as the load increases, the vehicle displays less tendency to bottom out, thus improving ride comfort. It’s an ideal solution for vehicles that carry weight periodically.