Increase Your Load Capacity

TJM Suspension

4X4 Suspension, Coilovers, Shocks & Struts

Enhance your vehicle’s handling, ride and load-carrying capabilities with TJM’s range of 4×4 suspension upgrades.

Vehicle suspension is a complicated piece of gear but understanding what it does and why it’s important doesn’t need to be.

At its core, suspension is what controls the weight of your car and its contact with the road. This means that suspension is crucial to your vehicle’s ability to carry loads and pull something in tow, while it will also dictate how comfortable your ride is over changing terrain and how your 4WD responds while braking, accelerating and cornering.

XGS Suspension

TJM XGS Suspension will instantly improve your 4×4’s on-road comfort and off-road potential. XGS twin-tube shock absorbers dynamically adapt to changes in terrain and driving conditions thanks to their multi-stage velocity-controlled valving, while their thick outer walls and outstanding internal components ensure long-lasting and reliable performance.

Pace Remote Reservoir Suspension

Pace Performance Suspension utilises advanced remote reservoir technology to deliver a premium on-road and off-road driving experience. Its sleek monotube design and remote reservoir deliver incredible oil cooling capacity, meaning you can drive long and hard without ever compromising on performance. Meanwhile, its 8-stage compression and rebound adjuster provides you with a fully customisable ride to suit any load or journey.