Step up and use Brush Bars

Side Steps and Bars

TJM Brush Bars

Constructed from 50mm steel tube, these side steps are chassis mounted, and feature a checker plate step tread. The great thing about these steps, is you can choose to install the side bars now or at a later date.

Side Steps and Bars

An extensive engineering development and testing program was undertaken to ensure optimal performance for off road driving and user operation while still providing maximum vehicle safety compliance. In the event of a side impact accident, the unique design of the TJM ABC side step mounts provide a crumple zone that stops the vehicle from deploying air bags unnecessarily.

TMAX Electric Side Steps

Electric Steps

Toyota Fit Out

Introducing the T-MAX Electronic Retractable Power Steps. Designed to aid in vehicle entry and exit, these sleek side steps deploy and retract automatically, performing flawlessly through a twin-motor system.

The T-MAX Electronic Retractable Power Steps are lightweight, rock solid and rugged, featuring a premium aluminium construction with black anodised coating for maximum corrosion protection. These steps also feature intelligent safety systems such as LED lighting and a ‘stop’ mechanism that detects obstructions in its path.

Adapted and certified for Australian vehicles, these steps are safe, stylish and easy to use!

  • MOTOR MOUNTS : 2 x Heavy duty mounting brackets per side with 6 bar linkages
  • SIDE STEP CONSTRUCTION : Die cast aluminium
  • BRACKETS : Heavy duty steel and aluminium
  • OPERATION : Triggered by opening/closing of vehicle’s doors
  • LOAD RATING : 300kg each side
  • CERTIFICATION : ADR (Australian Design Rules)
  • INSTALLATION : No drilling or cutting required
  • OPERATING CONDITIONS: Tested to operate in temperatures between -40 to 80°C
  • GROUND LIGHTING : 2 x LED lights each side
  • SAFETY DEVICES : Built-in safety mechanism detects obstacles and stops operation; manual override switch
  • WARRANTY : 2 years