A quick look at The Legal 500`s intellectual property coverage – which was recently split into a separate patent table alongside a trademark, copyright and design table – makes for a stunning read. In a legal discipline that attracts sophisticated technical expertise, luck fosters innovation as well as the who`s who of the City`s elite or the prestigious American names that constantly invade London territory in the corporate sector. Ella is passionate about sports, enjoys playing tennis, running in royal parks and watching all kinds of sports. London`s leveraged finance market is one of the most competitive in the city, with a select group of elite law firms positioning themselves as advisors to banks, sponsors and direct lenders. Georgina Stanley, Editor-in-Chief of Legal 500 UK Solicitors, recently spoke to some of the key players in the market. Barnaby Merrill reports on the stability of the Baltic legal market which, despite the decline in M&A transactions, is generating returns through increased litigation activity in the real estate, tax and public sectors. Focusing on talent, employee engagement and innovation is key to the offshore world in 2020, says Ed Mackereth, Global Managing Partner of Ogiers. A few weeks ago, I met an old friend from law school. It had been a few months since we last met, but the change was noticeable and a little scary. The dark circles around the bloodshot eyes contrasted with the drawn and ashy skin. Meanwhile, his now furrowed forehead was crowned with unwashed hair.

After graduating with a degree in English Literature from Durham University, Ella graduated from GDL at BPP Law School and received an honour before embarking on a career at The Legal 500. As a researcher for The Legal 500 series, Ella has covered practice areas in a variety of jurisdictions, including the United States, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Poland, the London market, and the United Kingdom. Publisher – Europe, Middle East and Africa, The Legal 500 et. The front line of this struggle is evident in the broad proposals for legislative reform that are currently being discussed and debated, with employers and legal advisers across the country now at the centre of this crossroads. Clearly, the legal tensions must be seen in the context of the extraordinary social changes that took place when India moved from the colonial British Raj to an independent state in the mid-20th century – an independent state centered on socialist principles. Diversity is a hot topic across the legal profession worldwide and one of the most important topics of conversation for Legal 500 researchers in their interviews. During my recent time as a researcher on the Indian legal scene, I raised the issue in an all-female (virtual) roundtable with several senior lawyers from Samvad Partners. Commenting on the changes she has witnessed in the legal profession over the years, MG concludes: “The economic environment is always challenging, but we have sponsorships and we have organizations like IDIA* working with law schools to address this issue.

The legal profession is no longer considered second only to medicine or engineering. Legal 500 researcher William Farrington talks to senior lawyers about partnership, diversity and recruitment in the Indian legal market Ella Marshall, EMEA Editor, reports on reforms to the Swiss corporate tax system, privacy concerns, technological legal uncertainty and Brexit-related spam With such enthusiasm for “legal technology” in recent years, I was wondering what people actually meant by that term. Today, all the companies I meet want to talk about it, but the definition and understanding of legal tech seems very different and not surprising since there are quite a few. If you have any questions, please contact Ella Marshall, Editor-in-Chief Europe, Middle East and Africa of The Legal 500, directly to ella.marshall@legal500.com departures of senior partners, new entrants, start-ups – all of this is gold dust for Legal 500 researchers who want to know who the serious players in a particular legal market are. I have covered some countries like India, Malta and Nigeria where these changes are rare. On the. EMEA editor Ella Marshall dives straight into the history of The Legal 500`s Monegasque chapter US ranking editor Ian Deering dives into the brand new US ranking to highlight the best results from the last 12 months Anna Bauböck, Editor-in-Chief Germany, talks to selected partners about the importance of legal technology, innovation and a changing profession Bei Zhao, Editor-in-Chief in China, What has occupied the PRC and international companies and what practices stand out in the latest rankings. John van der Luit-Drummond, Asia Pacific Editor-in-Chief, explains the weight of customer feedback and how you can maximize your company`s reach in the next ranking. Caribbean Editor-in-Chief Amy Ulliott speaks with British Virgin Islands businesses about how they have been impacted by Hurricane Irma and the lessons they`ve learned since the devastating Atlantic storm Ella Marshall, Editor-in-Chief of The Legal 500 Europe, Middle East and Africa, answers frequently asked questions, discusses best practices for submission and gives advice on the editorial process before the next research cycle. Amy McDermott, Global Head of Sales, and Charlotte Bunce, Co-Head of Business Development EMEA, also explain how law firms can stand out in The Legal 500 ahead of the 2023 edition. William Farrington examines the latest legal market developments in Scandinavia`s largest country Since her appointment as Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Ella has focused more on the Iberian Peninsula and CEEC markets. * The non-profit organization Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access (IDIA) works with disadvantaged children to give them access to quality legal education According to Badami, this agreement is unusual in the Indian legal market, adding: “We want to do things according to international standards.” .