Don't Bring A Knife to a Gun Fight

TJM Tradesman Bull Bar

Combining a proven bull bar design with extraordinary functionality, the TJM Tradesman bar is equipped for any job.

The Tradesman bar packages classic TJM design cues with practical features in a simple form factor. Starting with a sturdy multi-fold channel for its base, the Tradesman bar is crowned by a thick 76mmø central tube and 63mmø outer tubes that protect the front of your vehicle. Better yet, the TJM Tradesman bar retains the all-steel construction and many off-road capabilities of the deluxe TJM Outback bar – ensuring you’re prepared on the job site or off the beaten track.


Tailor-made Design

All TJM Tradesman bull bars are carefully designed to accentuate the unique lines and contours of your 4×4, giving you a bar that improves your vehicle aesthetically and functionally.

Meanwhile, our famously strong mounting system spreads impact and winching loads evenly across your vehicle’s chassis to increase bar strength.

In fact, our mounting system is so strong that TJM bull bars come with 8000kg Rated Recovery Points as standard*, giving you ultra-reliable protection and powerful off-road capabilities with every TJM bull bar.

Recovery Points

Almost all 4×4 accessories manufacturers sell recovery points as part of their range. TJM, however, includes rated recovery points as standard with almost every TJM bull bar. The reason why TJM bull bars can include rated recovery points without any additional structural work to the bar design is due to their uniquely strong winch mounting system.

Start with our Solid Foundation

Our innovative winch frame mount system not only gives your recovery winch a secure home, but its connection to your vehicle’s chassis is so strong that it allows us to include rated recovery points as standard – giving you the strongest possible bull bar and an extra recovery tool all at once.

Ultimate Functionality

A TJM Tradesman bar offers more than just frontal protection for your 4×4. A TJM bull bar provides a superior platform for mounting driving lights, while our patently strong steel winch frame creates a secure home for your choice of recovery winch.

Heavy duty aerial tabs are strategically placed on each Tradesman bar to suit your individual vehicle – allowing you to mount dual aerials – while recessed indicators and park lights come standard. TJM bull bars also feature unique reinforced T-slots for simplified hi-lift jack recoveries, not to mention our integrated 8000kg Rated Recovery Points for supremely secure vehicle recoveries.

Compatible with your vehicle’s safety systems – including airbags, parking sensors, adaptive cruise control and more – TJM bull bars are also Australian Design Rule (ADR) compliant to ensure they’re as safe as they are functional.

*Available on all current vehicle models. Rated Recovery Points rated to 8000kg in a straight line pull when used with an 8000kg equaliser strap and 2x 4.75T bow shackles.