TJM UNDERBODY GUARD FRONT Underbody Guard Front & Sump Steel Black

Keep your vehicle’s vital components out of the firing line with TJM’s range of under-body guards. A simple collision with a tree stump or rock could cause significant damage to steering, engine sump or transmissions, leaving you stranded and out of pocket. TJM under-body guards will take the brunt of lower off-road collisions, ensuring vital components are shielded from direct impact. A black powdercoat finish and corrosion resistance offer additional protection.


Material: Electrocoated 3mm steel with black powdercoat finish
Design: Engineered and press folded to offer maximum underbody impact protection
Tech: Drain hole access cut-outs and vents where required
Size: Combined front underbody and sump guard
Kit: Combine with Transmission Guard for total protection

Installation is available for all your accessories

TJM 4 x 4 Equipped



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